Spring Creek Muleys

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Tue. 2/1 1:00 AM Opening Day for Application Submission

Drawing Application Opening Day 

Thu. 3/3 1:00 AM Closing Day for Application Submission

Last Day for Application Submission

Fri. 7/8
Mon. 7/11
12:00 AM
12:00 PM
Scouting Trip

Mounting cameras and treestands

Fri. 8/19 1:00 AM Hunt
1:00 AM Start Arrival for Archery Season
Sat. 8/20 5:00 AM Start of 2011 Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Start 2011 Mule Deer Hunt

Wed. 8/24 5:00 AM Last Day of Hunting for First Week

Last Day for First Week Group

Thu. 8/25 10:00 AM Arrival Date for the Second Group

Arrival Date for the Second Group

Fri. 8/26 5:00 AM First day Hunt for Second Group

First Day Hunt for Second Group  

Wed. 8/31 11:00 AM Second Group Leave Date

Second Group Leave by 11:00 am

Tue. 9/27 4:00 PM Arrival Date for 2011 Muzzleloader

Arrival 2011Muzzleloader 

Wed. 9/28 5:00 AM First Day Hunt

Muzzleloader Opening Day

7:00 PM First Day Hunting

Muzzleloader Opening Day

Sun. 10/2 5:00 AM Last Day of Hunting

Last Day of Hunting Muzzleloader

Mon. 10/3 11:00 AM Leave day for 2011 Muzzleloader

Leave Day for Muzzleloader

Fri. 8/17 1:00 PM Arrival date

Arrival date

Sat. 8/18
Wed. 8/29
12:00 AM
12:00 AM
Archery Hunt

Spring Creek Muleys Archery Hunt Dates

Thu. 8/23
Thu. 8/30
7:00 AM
12:00 PM
Leave Date 1st Week

Leave Date for the 1st Week Archers and the Arrival Date for the Second Week of Archers

Wed. 8/29 7:00 AM Leave Date

Leave Date for the Second Week Archers 

Tue. 9/25 2:00 PM Arrival Date

Arrival for the Muzzleloader Hunt

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